Holiday Chef

Having rented your own stunning villa for a relaxing holiday with friends and family, the last thing on your mind whilst unwinding by the pool, should be the kitchen.

So why not allow me to be your personal holiday chef?

I can prepare a delicious breakfast, gourmet lunch or dinner and take the stress away from the worry of having to cook everyday.  Why not add that extra relaxing touch to your Tuscan break?

The last thing you’ll want worry about is finding the nearest supermarket after a long day of travel. Included in my Holiday Chef Package you have the possibility to have the cupboards and fridges stocked with  any goods you would like before  your arrival at the villa.

Imagine waking up to the tantalising aroma of a freshly brewed Italian coffee and sweet croissants, letting you know breakfast is on the table. A delicious breakfast will be served at a time that suits you and runs for 2 hours to give everyone a chance to wake up slowly to enjoy the wonderful Tuscan day ahead.

I can prepare and serve a gourmet Tuscan lunch and/or dinner or perhaps a picnic hamper for a lazy picnic in the olive groves or trip to the beach.

What more could you ask for, your own private gourmet restaurant without even having to leave the property!

Enquire now for a private holiday chef with Chef Céline.