Céline's Services

Summer 2021

Due to the ongoing travel restrictions that will hopefully will become easier as the Summer continues, I will be based between the French Alps and Tuscany, So please ‘contact me’ with your dates & I’ll let you know where I will be!

Chalet Chef – Winter ALPS

Imagine waking up to the tantalizing aroma of a freshly brewed coffee and sweet French pastries, letting you know breakfast is on the table. A delicious breakfast will be served at a time that suits you and runs for 1 hour so you are all ready to hit the lifts in the morning.

In the evening you can choose from on of the many available menus to suit your taste buds and budget. What more could you ask for, your own private gourmet restaurant without even having to leave the property!

Bespoke Dinners – Winter Season 21/22

I offer bespoke menus for intimate dinners or celebrations in the comfort of your own chalet or apartment. I will create the menu around your likes and dislikes and, of course any dietary requirements, so that it will be perfect, just for you and your guests.

Alpine Cookery Classes – Winter – Summer ALPS ONLY

What better way to while away a few hours for possible nonskiers in the family or in the summer for everyone to try something different when your legs need a day off hiking and MTB riding!.

Your cookery workshop can be tailored to your needs. I have a choice of classes to choose from – traditional baking, to making pasta and dumplings – which the children love as it involves flour! To preparing traditional mountain classics.

Each class includes a complementary bottle of wine per four adults.

Pasta Course

Fresh pasta is incredibly quick to make (once you know how!)
I’ll let you into the secret to making the perfect pasta dough and then, with you’re new found skills, you’ll make a variety of pasta shapes from Tagliatelle to Ravioli.
I will also reveal the key to creating a simple delicious sauce as the perfect accompaniment. A demonstration of a further 2 sauces will show you just how quick a fresh pasta meal can be.

Bakery Course

Did you know that baking in the mountains can be a lot harder than baking down in the valley? I will show you the traditional methods that bakers have been using here in the alps for centuries to get that perfectly risen gateaux or brioche. Or a classic using the much-loved blueberry that is found all over the mountains during the summer.

Traditional Mountain Classics Course

The rich cuisine offered in the French Alps originates from a time when mountain villages were isolated for months during long, snowy winters. Villagers survived on the Alpine food they could produce themselves and what preserved well throughout the season. Since then, the recipes have been shared down the generations and are still served in homes and restaurants today!

Savoury courses tend to feature locally made cheeses and a selection of meats, whilst the variety of pastries are popular choices for dessert. I will teach you to prepare a classic menu using the fresh local ingredients sourced right here in the mountains.

BBQ’s and Picnics SUMMER ALPS

The aroma of a succulent steak sizzling on the BBQ and the pop of wine corks. Nothing says summer in the mountains than a fantastic meat or fish grill all prepared and cooked for you on your return from a hard day out mountain biking or hiking. As long as there is a BBQ on site I can prepare either a meat or fish menu from a range of choices, from the classics;- burgers, ribs, sausages and chicken to the delicious Côte de Beouf. Seafood options are always subject to availability but the selection of fresh water fish is immense! Veggie and Vegan options are always available.

I can also prepare a fantastic picnic for you to take up the mountain with you. All easily packed away into a rucksack so you can just stop where you drop on your hike and have a well earned lunch!

Quotes will include the following: cost of the ingredients, professional fees, menu selected, guest count, type and duration of the event.  For parties less than 6, a supplement will be charged.